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Regional groups of the Working Group Aquatic Plants e.V.

The regional groups of the working group aquatic plants e. V. work autonomously within the framework of the objectives and tasks of the working group. At regional meetings, they promote the exchange of experience and the further education of members.
If you are interested in participating in a regional group meeting, please contact the individual regional group leaders directly. The meetings are open to guests and are always without obligation. The current dates can be found on the information pages of the regional groups.

Region Baden Wrttemberg:
The colleagues from Swabia meet four times a year. Their meetings are the meeting point for all plant lovers in southwest Germany.
c/o Ingo Kuhnle, Burgweg 11, 71576 Burgstetten, Tel.: 0177/6217012
e-mail: baden-wuerttemberg@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Bayern-Sd:
The Southern Bavarians meet four times a year for interesting lectures and discussions.
c/o Walter Mibichler, Greppenstr. 36, 82239 Alling, Tel. 08141/537094
e-mail: bayern-sued@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Bayerwald:
c/o Dr. Jrgen Schmidt, Bhlfelderweg 10-12, 94239 Ruhmannsfelden, Tel. 09929/903393
e-mail: bayerwald@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Berlin-Brandenburg:
c/o Christel Kasselmann, Alfred-Fritz-Str. 19, 14513 Teltow, Tel. 03328/353660
e-mail: berlin-brandenburg@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Hamburg:
c/o Hans Georg Kramer, Villa Anny / Holmer Str. 73, D 22880 Wedel, Tel. 04103/84905
e-mail: hamburg@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Niedersachsen:
c/o Gnter Oberjatzas, Finkenstrae 8A, 30890 Barsinghausen, Tel. 05105/81113
e-mail: niedersachsen@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de

Region Sachsen:
c/o Dr. Wolf-Dieter Klix, Lugaer Strae 78, 01259 Dresden, Tel. 0351/2038558
e-mail: sachsen@arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen.de