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Working Group Aquatic Plants e.V.

The working group aquatic plants introduces itself

In 1976, the working group aquatic plants was founded in Germany by a small group aquarists interested in aquatic plants. Since then, the aquatic plant working group has grown steadily and also has many members in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the USA, Canada and other countries. Our main interest is to collect and disseminate knowledge about the natural living conditions and cultural demands of submersed water plants and swamp plants.

Who are we?

The Aquatic Plants Working Group has 8 different regional groups, which meet regularly and exchange ideas about the hobby, attend events and trade fairs together and make excursions. Just take a look! Guests are always welcome at all meetings. The contact details of the regional group leaders can be found on the pages of the regional groups. We are also active online. There is a Facebook group "Aqua Planta", which is named after our club magazine. There, the workgroup members change information with other and are also available to other interested parties with helpful answers and information.
Since 1976, the journal AQUA PLANTA has been published four times a year, which is sent to all members free of charge. In this magazine are articles on natural sites of aquatic and swamp plants, experience reports on the handling of the care and culture of domestic and tropical aquatic plants, plant portraits with descriptions of the ecological conditions at the site and in the aquarium, reviews of new literature in other aquaristic journals from Germany and the Netherlands, descriptions of the locations from Europe and the tropics as well as travel reports. For the AQUA PLANTA well-known German and foreign scientists and also aquarists write about experiences with their plants. Find out more about the magazine here.