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Aponogeton boivinianus

Genoppte Wasserhre

Group of Aponogeton boivinianus plants in an aquarium.
Bild: Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand

Synonyms: none

Plant Family: Aponogetonaceae

Origin: Northwest Madagascar: Department of Digo-Suarez and Nosy B, Myot

Description: The light brown tuber is round and flattened, almost disc-shaped. It has no hair and is smooth. It reaches a diameter of about 3 cm. The leaves are dark green, transparent and heavily populated ( bullos ). The leaves are between 6 and 60 cm long and 1.5 to 8 cm wide. The pedicel can be up to 70 cm long. The Spatha grows to 4.5 cm long and falls off. The inflorescence has got 2 or 3 ears. The ears will grow to 20 cm long. Each flower has 2 white or pink tepals.

Temperature: 22 - 25 C

Lighting requirements: medium to much

Water hardness: 2 - 15 KH

Soil: loose, nutritious

Propagation: seeds

Use: For the medium and background in large and tall aquariums.

Special: The boiled tubers taste like chestnuts.

Nomenclature: Named for its discoverer Boivin.

Assessment: The species is good for the aquarium. In the growth phase, 1-2 leaves are formed weekly. It is a nutrient-rich substrates favorable.

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Text from: Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand