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Redstem Ammannia crassicaulis

Dickstńngeligen Nesaea

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Synonyms: Nesaea crassicaulis (Guill. & Perr.) Koehne, Nesaea polyantha Tul.

Plant family: Lythraceae

Origin: Tropical West Africa. Amphibious swamp plant.

Description: emers: Stem erected, red, 2 mm, streaky. Internodes 20 mm. Crosswise short-stalked leaves, olive green, smooth, 40 x 7 mm, narrow-lanceolate, base elongated, Pointed tip, edge smooth. Midvein reddish, bilateral 8-10 bony lateral nerves. Flowers: Twigleaf-leaved Trugthoides, up to 6-flowered. Peduncle 4 mm, calyx 2 x 2 mm fused, open at top, petals missing. 6 anthers, flat, about 1/2 mm, filament round, dark, seeds numerous.
submers: Towering stems, red, internodes 3 mm. Leaves 50 x 5 mm, almost sessile, in the shoot tip blood red, later paler, margin wavy. Form and veining like emers.

Temperature: 22 - 28 ░ C

Light requirements: High light requirement - light index about 1: 1.5

Water hardness: Soft water in the slightly acidic pH range

Soil: Loose sandy soil in the acidic pH range, peat addition promotes rooting

Propagation: Side Sprouts - Head Cuttings

Use: Loose group in the middle pelvic areas, free location with unobstructed light.

Special: First import around 1974, import at the time (1976) sporadic. Also in the emersen culture problematic.

Nomenclature: For plants sold as Ammannia crassicaulis or Nesaea crassicaulis , most of them are Ammannia gracilis . The plants are colored red-brown under water, while the stubby Ammannia has only bright red shoot tips and the older leaves turn green ( see Kasselmann 2010 ).
Assessment: Demanding, slow-moving stem plant, good contrast effect.

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Text: Kurt Paffrath (Pflanzenportrait in AP 3-76), supplemented by Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand