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Aqua Planta Issue 4 in 2017

Aqua Planta 3-2017 Aqua Planta 3-2017

Shrirang Yadav, Avinash R. Gholave, Vaishali S. Patil, Sharad S. Kambale, Arun N. Chandore & Usha S. Yadav, p. 124
Coryandra elegans (Capparaceae / Cleomaceae) aus Indien

Summary:Coryandra chelidonii (L. f.) Cochrane & Iltis (Cleome cheldonii L. f.), commonly called "Celadine Spider Flower", is a widely distributed common species of marshy lands, shallow lakes as well as wet places and is often cultivated. During our field tour to the Rajapur area of the Konkan region, plants of Coryandra with very large elegant flowers very similar to C. chelidonii were collected. These plants differed significantly from C. chelidonii in their robust habit, very large flowers with ovate petals, numerous stamens ranging from 150 to 250 in number per flower, large size of stamens, carpels, silique, silique-beak as well as size of the seeds. Critical analysis revealed that it is distinct from C. chelidonii and has been recently described as a new species, Coryandra elegans (Chandore et al. 2016). The enchanting elegant flowers with stamens of immense beauty for their magenta colour and curiously formed filaments and anthers are of great ornamental value. It is worth of introduction as an ornamental plant in any aquatic ecosystem. The present paper communicates on morphology, distribution, habitat, ecology and ornamental potential of the species.

Vaishali S. Patil, Avinash R. Gholave, Arun N. Chandore, Usha S. Yadav, Sharad S. Kambale, Manoj M. Lekhak, Rutuja R. Kolte und Shrirang R. Yadav, p. 134
Aponogeton nateshii S. R. Yadav (Aponogetonaceae), eine ungewhnliche, neue Art aus Indien

Summary: Aponogeton nateshii S. R. Yadav was described from the Konkan region of Maharashtra State of lndia. It was found there in a single pond at Jaitapur village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Later, it was collected from another pond on the lateteric plateau at Chorla in Belgaum district of Karnataka during October 2015 and in one more pond at Mopa in Goa State during September 2016. Most of the species of angiosperms described today are usually of very rare occurence and when evaluated fall under one of the threatened categories of IUCN. Aponogeton nateshii is presently known by about 1500 to 2000 individuals restricted to three ponds, one at Jaitapur (Maharashtra), second at Chorla (Karnataka) and third at Mopa (Goa). This species has a very distinct embryo morphology unusual for angiosperms. Present communication explains distribution, peculiarities and general biology of it and provides a comparative embryo morphology.

Sven Plger, p. 147

Jrgen Ernst, p. 151
Sachsen-Anhalt, aber nicht der Reformation wegen

The regional group of Saxony carries out a major excursion every year. In June 2017 was the trip to Sachsen-Anhalt. The Anhalt University in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, a private garden in Hohenerxleben and the Europa-Rosarium in Sangerhausen were visited.

Hans-Josef Hobusch, p. 153
Jahrestreffen 2017 in Fulda - eine Nachlese

Report on the board meeting and annual general meeting in Fulda on October 27th and 28th.

Hans-Josef Hobusch, p. 156
Vernderungen in den Regionalgruppen

In two regional groups there was a change of the Regional group leader. This concerns the regional group Bayern-Sd and the Baden-Wrttemberg regional group. Two meritorious personalities handed over the baton: Claus-Dieter Junge and Claus Rembold, will be followed by Walter Mibichler and Ingo Kuhnle.